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United Nations blue helmets to Jerusalem
Blue Helmets to Jerusalem - book title
by David A. Reed             COMPLETE BOOK ONLINE
Ch. 1 - Blue Helmets and Bible Prophecy Ch. 2 - Objections to Christianity Ch. 3 - Jerusalem a problem for the whole world
Ch. 4 - Why Believe Bible Prophecy? Ch. 5 - Chosen People Ch. 6 - Promised Seed
Ch. 7 - Promised Land Ch. 8 - Holy City Ch. 9 - Promised Messiah
Ch.10 - False Alarms, False Prophets and the Antichrist Ch.11 - Turned off by Hellfire? Ch.12 - What about Darwin?
Ch.13 - How to be Saved Ch.14 - What Happens Next Ch.15 - America's Role
Ch.16 - Why Now? Precedents Ch.17 - Nations United and Resolved Ch.18 - Are you ready?
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